Copper Wall Shelf, Wall Shelves Basket Handcrafted with Copper Finish


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Introducing our Solid Brass Shelf, an exquisite addition to your bathroom or shower space. Crafted from brass with a captivating copper finish, its distinctive shape imparts an antique charm that adds character to your surroundings. This shelf not only serves as a decorative piece but also provides practical storage for various bath and shower essentials.

✅ Crafted from Solid Brass.
✅ Meticulously Hand-Engraved by a Highly Experienced Brass Craftsman in an Antique and Artistic Manner.
✅ Durable Copper Finish with a Timeless Appeal.
✅ Easy Maintenance – Can be Cleaned with a Soft Soap for a Lasting Shine.
✅ Tarnish-Resistant for Longevity.

– Loss or damage to your shipments.
– Replacement for missing or inappropriate parts.
– Addressing any breaks in the shelf.
– Assurance that the Brass Wall Shelf matches its pictured representation.

Carefully packaged with bubble wrap and securely encased in wooden packing.

Orders will be shipped within 1 business day.
Expected delivery within 1 week.

👉 Thank you for considering our Solid Brass Shelf—a fusion of craftsmanship, durability, and artistic design that elevates your bathroom or shower space.

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Wall ShelfCopper Wall Shelf, Wall Shelves Basket Handcrafted with Copper Finish