Brass: the metal for everything

When you hear of brass, you must think directly of its beautiful yellowish color that turns red. This distinguishes it among other metals and gives it the quality of being an excellent substitute for gold. As the latter is quite expensive and only a minority can afford it, brass has taken the place to become the best alternative to gold. This gave everyone the chance to use different golden-colored objects without paying a fortune for it. At this point, if you’re wondering what all the various brass-based items you can find are, this article is for you. We take you on a discovery of all the fabrications that use brass as a raw material for a luxurious and impeccable result.

Brass: interior and exterior decoration

Brass is a material known for its versatility. Thus, you can easily integrate it into your interior and exterior decoration. Whether in small touches only or in a dominant presence, it remains the best choice to adopt for a refined and elegant interior design.

  • What distinguishes brass is that it can be metamorphosed into several finishes. Brushed, hammered… or even others. Thus, integrating it into your interior is a guarantee of obtaining an original touch. So, a brass vase to start with? Why not !
  • Want to add a touch of brass to your office and workspace? No problem. It is possible to integrate it into a small room for a magnificent vintage atmosphere. Count on the use of a brass pencil sharpener for example.
  • The bathroom is also one of the rooms in your home that deserves a makeover by adding touches of brass to its decoration. For this, you can either opt for a towel rack, a mirror or even a brass faucet.
  • For all your pieces, it is possible to add a little touch of brass that will make all the difference. It can be drawer or door handles, elements of your furniture… whatever your decision, it will allow you to play on the atmosphere to provide to your space whether it is bohemian, cozy or minimalist.
  • If, on the other hand, you are more of a fan of the retro atmosphere, nothing can prevent you from betting on the key piece for such a decoration: the mirror or the brass clock. These two pieces are ideal for adding a catchy detail that will sublimate all your guests by enhancing your space.
  • And yes ! brass is a perfect metal to decorate your baby’s room. As this room is to be equipped with fantasy to give it a warm and cozy atmosphere, brass will surely do the trick. Whether it is small mirrors with playful shapes or decorations for children, the special natural atmosphere for children will be there.
  • Does your living room need a magic touch to revive it? Opt for brass shelves. They will blend perfectly with your interior decoration by creating a nice contrast. you can even add brass candle holders for complete decoration.
  • Do you think your kitchen also needs a makeover? No problem. Do what is necessary to have a sink and brass faucets. Also choose brass cutlery and cooking utensils. All these small gestures will transform your kitchen into a luxurious space.

When brass changes the look of your spaces

In comparison with other metals, brass is among those that you can adopt without hesitation to make your decoration unique and original. That said, if you’re not content with the little barely visible touches of brass, you can still get into strong, assertive use. To do this, there are several choices available to you that you can try. The result will surely convince you and you will absolutely not regret it.

  • Brighten up your residential or commercial space with brass lamps, chandeliers and fixtures. It is the ideal solution to take advantage of the light while enhancing your space in a chic and elegant way. It will also add a great modern and contemporary vibe that is so popular.
  • Would you like it to be cozier with a cocooning side? No problem. Opt for brass lanterns instead. In addition to the authenticity and originality that this provides, you can also have this slow life aspect which is so tempting and which will undoubtedly charm you.
  • Or are you rather tempted by the exotic atmosphere? In this case, we invite you to consider the choice of having lampshades and placing them on tables that enhance them and reveal the contrast of color and atmosphere created by brass and other materials that surround it. So, for a contemporary or minimalist look, you will absolutely be served.

Want to do a little too much for a special decoration?

Alright, the verdict is in. You are in love with brass and you want to transform everything in brass in your space. Before you start doing this, we want to ask you to slow down a bit. Know that brass is a golden metal. This means that its warm color is quite strong and that it should not be abused to avoid going overboard. This will make you lose all the decorative charm created by the presence of this distinguished metal.

Nevertheless, if you want brass to be more present and more dominant in your interior or exterior decoration, we offer you the possible solutions.

Brass furniture! This is the twist you can consider for a modern vibe. This can be through tables, chair legs, sofa parts… the choices are many. Also in this case, you can bet on the mix of materials by combining brass with different textures and colors for an even more special look. It can be brass with velvet. Or even brass with leather. Even brass with marble in your kitchen as an example. Likewise, brass goes well with black or blue as they are character colors. One more tip: brass can also bring out the beauty and charm of your home decoration by matching it with scenic wallpaper. It is an ideal option to benefit from the aesthetic and refined touch that this creates within your spaces.

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