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Brass and bronze are metals known for their use and their great exploitation in all that is decorative. Thus, you can find them in large decorative pieces, such as vases, shelves… or in small pieces such as hooks, candle holders, towel bars or even soap dishes. Thus, for a successful redecoration of your bathroom and to give it a new classic and vintage look, our Firdox store offers you a variety of brass and bronze products, including: soap dishes, toilets paper holders, towel holders, as well as hooks to hang your clothes or even your towels.

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These little touches of brass or bronze are the real details that count to make the charm and comfort of your bathroom stand out. Getting these products is the decision that you will certainly not regret because you will fall under their spell immediately. In addition, for your living room or your bedroom, we also offer brass and bronze candle holders that you can use to put candles to light in the evening for a warm or romantic atmosphere. They are magnificent and their engravings are undeniable proof of the great manual work that it requires to create such a decorative work.

By choosing Firdox products, you are guaranteed to benefit from a diversified range that includes products made by hand by highly qualified and above all talented craftsmen. It is also a guarantee that your chosen product is unique, made especially for you. So, it\\\'s time to let yourself succumb to the charm of our golden brass and classic bronze products and think about redecorating your spaces to incorporate this beautiful, distinguished aesthetic touch. Questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer all your questions about our products or about our services as quickly as possible. We are here to serve you!

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