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Bathroom and kitchen Brass faucets make water use more streamlined and practical while also adding a touch of elegance to your home’s interior decor.Upgrade your home with these stylish and functional fixtures.

Brass Elegance for Your Home

Discover elegance for your house with our excellent selection of brass fixtures, bathroom and kitchen faucets, and home décor. With our chic Kitchen Brass Faucets, which combine classic style and usefulness, you can transform your kitchen area. With our carefully chosen collection of Bathroom Brass Faucets, which offer sophistication and durability in every aspect, you can elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Unlacquered brass faucets are a special choice for people looking for a unique touch in their fixtures. Discover their appeal. In addition to faucets, we also offer an enticing selection of brass fixtures and home accents that will infuse your living areas with harmony and flair.

Elevate Your Home's Style

Savor the charm of brass, a material that is renowned for its strength and timeless appeal. Our carefully chosen selection guarantees that your house will look as good as new while still being functionally upgraded. Our brass fixtures come in a variety of designs, from traditional to modern, to suit your unique preference.

With our carefully designed brass fixtures and faucets, which elevate your kitchen and bathroom areas, you can fully realize the potential of your house. Enter a world where style and utility coexist, and each little element enhances the overall appeal of your living space.

Get our unique Brass Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets, Fixtures, and Home Décor today to reinvent your living space. This is the first step towards a more fashionable and sophisticated living area.

Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 7


Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 10

These pieces are beautiful! Well-made, brilliant brass, heavy and shiny with great handmade character. Arrived very quickly considering it was overseas and free shipping. My set arrived missing the soap dish, seller was responsive and is sending a new one.

Emily Carmichael
Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 7

The Shower system is beautiful, I mean its absolutely gorgeous!!! It Is well made. Can’t wait to see it in my finished shower.

Ellen Story
Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 11

This faucet looks great, and I received it very quickly, 5 days. Placed in a tightly closed wooden package. I will definitely buy it again

Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 2

So much more beautiful in person!! Very well packaged!

Beth and the Apocalypse
Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 6

The supplied copper faucet corresponds to the description and meets our expectations. The packaging with the wooden frame has protected it well during transport. It is now installed in our log cabin in the wall and we now tap drinking water from it. Thank you for this great product.

Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 4

It is a fantastic product, very nice work.
This amature is even more beautiful than expected. It fits perfectly with the stone sink, also from FirDox.
I was amazed by the good communication with Morocco, the accurate processing and the fast shipping. From Morocco to Lake Tegernsee in less than a week. Thank you very much! FirDox has something special for a more beautiful life. I like to buy there!

Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 3

This is beautiful unique facet, exceeded my expectations. Price is competitive . Shipping was fast, product arrived damage free. I would definitely recommend product and supplier.

Mary Ann
Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 5

I love dealing with this business. It’s my second time and they never disappoint! The product is exactly as it looks in the photo and on arriving – the quality and craftsmanship is beautiful. The shipment arrived so quickly! I will definitely use them again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others.

Customers Reviews about FirDox faucets 1

I love my faucet. It is so unique and goes in my kitchen perfectly. The customer service from this seller is fabulous. Thank you



5-Years warranty on all faucets, Sinks, and Shower systems

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