Wall Faucets

Choose Firdox store to benefit from a wide range of products, intended to improve and embellish the decoration of your bathroom. Among these products, we offer you wall faucets. As their name suggests, these are faucets that are installed by being glued directly to the wall, above your sink or your bathtub. It is up to you to choose the option that seems best suited to your situation but also to your criteria and your budget. Know that each of our wall faucets is the result of the hard work of several talented craftsmen with whom we collaborate.

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Our wall faucets are made manually and with great passion. This is what makes each wall faucet the result of a unique production that ensures you a special product with a meticulous finish. You should also know that all our wall faucets are made from brass, this magnificent golden material which brings an incredible luxurious touch to your interior. This one is very resistant to corrosion, so you will be able to enjoy its daily use for a long life.

In addition, brass is known for another characteristic which is its natural color change over time. This gradually changes from golden yellow to a more ocher color. Which is ideal for giving your wall faucet a new look every time. Moreover, this is where the magnificent aesthetic side of all the products we offer for sale is revealed. They are all intended to be part of your interior decoration, in addition to being real functional equipment that makes your daily life easier. So, if you want to benefit from it too, do not hesitate to join our Firdox store. We are on hand to help you choose your favorite product, which we will deliver to the address of your choice as quickly as possible.

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