Vessel Sinks

In the category of sinks that we put at your service, we offer you a different model: vessel sinks. They are characterized by their round shape like a large bowl. They are ideal for everyday use in your bathroom. In addition, thanks to their manufacturing design, which remains unique and well distinguished, these vessel sinks certainly add a vintage and a classic touch to your interior space. So, to acquire this product, nothing more, just join us on our Firdox store. We will be happy to provide you with vessel sinks which are made from premium quality materials and which have functional qualities of practicality, but also resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

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Thanks to our brass and copper vessel sinks, it\'s time for you to adopt a distinct decoration for your bathroom. Without forgetting the small aesthetic touch in addition: our vessel sinks are available in different models, some of which are single-colored, others with colored patterns. Each of these designs, whether it combines between the luxurious golden color of brass and the decorations in various colors or is only monocolored, is the result of the undeniable talent of our craftsmen who are dedicated to delivering high precision work every time.

By choosing Firdox, you are guaranteed to get a product made by hand and in the best possible conditions. This is an unmissable opportunity to get yourself a special product that is itself proof of the lost art of craftsmanship. So, what are you waiting for to place your order. Only a few clicks are separating you from having a great product, created with passion and devotion for the job. It\'s time to take the plunge and order your vessel sink from Firdox. However, be prepared, because once purchased, you will certainly fall in love with all our other products!

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