Brass: what is the trend in 2023?

When we talk about interior and exterior decoration, it is an ever-changing world. Every year there are new trends that appear, others that disappear. All this in an eternal quest for change and the adoption of the ultimate trend that will bring an original and special touch to all your spaces. It is then a world that aims to combine several materials, patterns and colors in order to obtain the ideal composition.

This is also the case for this coming new year. For this one, it is impossible to talk about decoration trends without mentioning brass. This metal has known how to approve and build a great reputation in the world of decoration and interior design. Thus, it continues its glory from the year 2022 until 2023. So, what is the trend of brass this year? How to integrate it effectively into your space?

Trend 2023: the presence of brass

Regarding the decorative trends of the year 2023, it is important to mention that brass is present in force. This is the year of metal par excellence. The trend states that it is better to integrate it with other materials such as colored glass or natural stone. This contrast of materials will be ideal for creating a nice touch of originality. It is recommended to create a visual balance by opting for the use of brass with other materials. Thus, it would be easier to add it as different parts so as not to make any. Of course, it is the happy medium and the concentration on the details that makes all the difference in distinguishing the interior design of your spaces.

Why choose brass for your decoration?

Due to its golden color and its aesthetic appearance, there are several qualities that make brass the ideal material to distinguish your interior and exterior decoration.

  • With a warm color and luminous effect, brass can easily create a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is therefore the perfect choice if you want to add a cocooning touch to your space. It can be light fixtures, decorative mirrors, furniture or cutlery… whatever the brass element, there is a soft atmosphere that will be created. And if you think that brass reminds you of the old decorations of previous years, remember that despite this it is still in trend for this year with its famous retro effect.
  • Unlike other materials that go a little unnoticed, such as glass or wood, brass is a material that has character. It can be combined with all colors, especially warm ones such as red, blue or even black. This dark contrast creates a beautiful light reflection effect to create a beautiful strong atmosphere in your home. it will surely allude to a calm and peaceful space where you will want to spend more time and relax enjoying the present moment. So, do not hesitate to combine brass with different shades to create the decorative effect you desire.
  • The little has the maximum effect. It is one of the best qualities of brass. it is not at all necessary to integrate it into all your decorative pieces. Just introduce it here and there to see a big difference in your interior or exterior design. To do this, you need to find the perfect balance of its use. It can be the introduction and combination of other materials. Or even adopt it in small touches for a subtle and delicate effect. For example, a brass photo frame, a candle holder, the legs of a chair or many others.
  • This is a quality that should not be overlooked. In the decorating world, it’s hard to find something that’s priced right. Yet, despite the results it provides, brass remains one of the metals and materials that are not expensive. At an affordable price, you will surely be able to find a decorative piece to add to your space to enjoy a nice touch of elegance and luxury. Plus, brass offers a variety of choices that you can embrace time after time and never tire of the look of your space.
How to introduce brass to decoration?

As we have said, you have the choice between introducing brass in large presence in your decoration, or adopting it in small quantities so as not to exaggerate. Whatever your choice, there is no pressure and it is up to you to choose what you like and corresponds to your desires, your style and your vision of your dream space. In this article, we will share with some tricks to add the beautiful touch of brass in your home.

  • For your living room: there are several possibilities that you can seize for the addition of brass. you can opt for chairs with brass legs, brass candle holders, a brass mirror hanging on the wall, a brass vase on a table in the middle of the living room, furniture with brass accents… In this case , it will be enough to play with the colors to create a contrast that will bring out the golden beauty of the brass.
  • For your kitchen: for this room too, there are different ways to play with the introduction of brass to your decoration. You can choose cupboards with brass handles, brass cutlery, brass sink and faucet, brass kitchen utensils… all of these will create a nice touch of liveliness in your kitchen.
  • Your home entrance: this is the ideal place to showcase your interior decoration as it gives a first impression to the visitor. So, you can play with colors and materials to bring out the beauty of brass. A brass coat rack, a shoe cabinet with brass touches, a brass key holder, a painting with a brass frame… Let your creativity speak for maximum originality.
  • Your bathroom: and yes, it is also a room that you can decorate with brass to make it a bathroom worthy of a five-star hotel. To do this, opt for a sink or brass taps, a brass towel bar, a vanity with brass accents… it’s up to you to choose what suits you best.
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